Inconspicuous hairpieces for a natural, healthy look.

hairtalk hairwear system

for hair loss at the top of the head

Start every day with a self-confident charisma: That’s what many women want. The hairtalk hairwear system is especially for women with thin hair or hair loss through having a self-determined, beautiful and fulfilled life. The hairtalk hairwear system is ideal to help thinned out hair to new fullness. Due to its extremely flat, seamless processing there is neither a disturbing foreign body feeling nor unpleasant pressure points. The special processing makes the hairtalk hairwear system particularly light and gives its wearer a positive attitude to life and new self-confidence.

hairpieces can be subsidised by health insurance

hairtalk hairwear system pieces for the top of the head are largely subsidised by health insurance. Only certified hairdressers may purchase and incorporate hairtalk hairwear system second hairpieces. This guarantees the wearers absolute safety and the highest quality.

The hairtalk hairwear system fits really well into everyday life

Many wearers fear being restricted in everyday life as soon as they wear a hairpiece. Sleeping, swimming, sports and sauna - with the hairtalk hairwear system none of this is a problem. It gives its wearer maximum flexibility, security and self-confidence in every situation in life. After wearing it for about three to four weeks, the hairdresser removes the adhesive strips with a special and particularly gentle solvent, cleans them and reattaches them to the hairline.

How the hairtalk hairwear system works with clips

Hairpieces that can be applied and removed, whenever you need it: this is the hairtalk hairwear system with clips. It often depends on your personal feeling and happiness, whether you want to wear a hairpiece or not. The hairtalk hairwear system with clips makes it easy to decide individually. The clips are put on the natural hair and assure ideal stability. Still, the hairpiece is totally inconspicuous and blends with the natural hair of the wearer. Before going to bed you can easily remove the hairtak hairpiece.

Step 1

Align the hairwear hairpiece on the head and fix it with clips.

Step 2

Pull your own hair through the slot with a crochet hook.

Step 3

Remove the adhesive strips from the adhesive surfaces.

Step 4

Press the adhesive surfaces together to hold your own hair firmly with the hairtalk hairwear gear to connect.

What are possible causes of hair loss?

Many women today suffer from thin or very thin hair, some even from severe hair loss. The causes can be genetic predispositions, but also hormonal fluctuations during menopause, extreme stress, the after-effects of pregnancy or side effects from medication. Nevertheless, no woman has to do without full and healthy looking hair. The hairtalk hairwear system is an ideal way to help women with hair loss to achieve their desired hairstyle in the shortest possible time.