Hairtalk hairpieces - Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Interesting facts about our hairpieces


Please wash your hair only in the shower and never headlong, to make sure they are easy to comb. Furthermore you must not use care products with oil or alcohol, for the tapes can be detached by these substances. All hairtalk care products are especially developed to nurture the hairtalk extensions.

Depending on how well hairtalk extensions are maintained, they can be reused up to three times. The better the treatment and maintainance, the longer the hairtalk extensions stay healthy, shiny and usable. The tape itself can be cleaned and renewed without limitation.

How long hairtalk extensions can be worn depends on how fast the own hair grows and how thick it is. Generally, after about 8 weeks the hair has grown out far enough to reset the extensions at the hairline.

With the hairtalk tape extension system it is possible to have up-dos and ponytails without showing the tapes - as oppposed to the bonding method. However the hairstyle should not be combed backwards too strictly, for the extensions are worked into the hair in its natural direction of growth. If the hair ist combed up, down or backwards slackly even up-dos and ponytails are no problem at all.

hairtalk extensions can be modified especially for your hair structure. Your hairstylist will measure the diameterof your curls and tell us when ordering your extensions. You will receive custom made hairtalk extensions.

Generally it is possible to tint or dye the hairtalk extensions in darker shades, unfortunately bleaching is not. Please do not dye or tint your hair by yourself and ask your professional hairtalk hairstylist for help to make sure your hair won't be damaged.

There is no general answer to the question of cost, because each hairstylist can charge different prices for washing, cutting and placing the extensions. A complete hair extensions with hairtalk extensions of 40 cm is already available for about 500 €. Thickenings can be more favourable, because shorter (25 cm) and less hairtalk extensions are needed. Thickenings start at about 150 €.

Our hairtalk Salonfinder shows you the next hairstylist in your area. It gives you contact information and makes it easy for you to make an appointment.