The original under the tape extension systems

Hair extension has never been so fast, easy and gentle before: the hairtalkTape Extensions System makes long, voluminous and thick hair a dream come true for every woman. No matter if 25 cm, 40 cm oder 55 cm in length, hairtalk extensions will be implemented in under an hour. Almost magically, the extensions will mix with the natural hair to an incredibly natural and thick look.

With the hairtalk tape extension system a gentle and authentic hair extension and hair thickening is no problem. The insertion of strands for a complete extension doesn’t even take one hour. After that, nothing stands in the way of creative and individual hairstyles.

hairtalk extensions

So natural. So comfortable. So easy

Beautiful, long hair in natural shades and with fascinating reflections. With hairtalk extensions this hair dream comes true! Professional, specially trained hairtalk partner salons use the hairtalk extensions in less than an hour. The ultra-flat adhesive strips are only 3 cm wide and 7 mm high. They are attached to your own hair and provide hair in three different standard lengths (25 cm, 40 cm and 55 cm) and 28 natural hair colors, fullness and length.

hairtalk extensions pro

Invisible tapes for the perfect appearance with hairtalk Extensions Pro

No matter whether more volume, maximum length or just colored accents in the hair: The hairtalk pro extensions, which are so far unique on the market, transform thin hair into a strong mane - and that almost invisible and absolutely gentle for the own hair. The 3 cm wide tapes are barely noticeable and ensure a comfortable fit. Whether it is a high-set braid or a hairstyle, there are no restrictions regarding the styling.

hairtalk extensions silver

Beauty statement - gray hair

With the new hairtalk silverline extensions women can replenish their thinning hair while remaining true to their natural gray hair color. Because with the first gray hair in old age, it usually becomes thinner and also makes hair loss more difficult. The high-quality strands of hair support your own hair, make almost any hairstyle possible and women with silver or already gray hair can dream of beautiful, full hair in no time at all. The combination of heat-resistant synthetic fiber and Remy real hair enables natural gray tones to be perfectly reproduced.

hairtalk extensions plus

Almost invisible. Especially invented for the upper head.

Hairtalk extensions plus are ideal for the top of the head and temple. In the case of thin natural hair, extensions must be especially inconspicuous in these areas and look absolutely natural. Normal hairtalk extensions are also suitable for other areas of the head.

hairtalk colormelts

Mellow color gradients. Incomparable style.

Fascinating reflections, beautiful colors and harmonious color gradients: hairtalk colormelts are the latest innovation in the hairtalk fashion line. Like other hair extensions from hairtalk, they can be incorporated within one hour. Inspired by stylish looks like Ombré or Balayage, you give hair shine and radiance without using chemical products - and unmistakable, creative accents!

hairtalk extensions fun

Discover your wild side. Courage is colorful.

There are no limits for creative hairdressers with the hairtalk extensions fun. Like normal, natural hair, hairtalk extensions fun can be easily shaped and styled with straighteners and hair dryers. Outgrown? No problem! Thanks to the patented hairtalk adhesive strips, hairtalk extensions fun can be removed from your own hair, cleaned and reused particularly gently with a special solution. The 8 trend colors of hairtalk extensions fun offer inspiration for stylist and wearer - and are always a real eye-catcher!

The original under the tape extension systems

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