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Benefits for salons
Benefits for salons

hairtalk partner salons – your benefits at a glance

This is how you profit as hairtalk partner salon

  • 100% real hair in finest hairtalk Remi real hair quality (except hairtalk fun)
  • No additional investments required. Due to our ingeniously simple adhesive fastening, you do not have to invest in expensive devices.
  • No financial obligations. You order when you want and as much as you need.
  • Less time for hair extension and thickening. On average you need less than 1 hour for training in the hairtalk extensions.
  • Gentle on hair and ultra-flat. Your customer will be thrilled: no fear of hair breakage when removing the hairtalk extensions, the ultra-flat connections guarantee maximum wearing comfort and are absolutely inconspicuous in everyday life.
  • Immediately reusable. After a wearing time of approx. 2–3months, the extensions can be easily removed with hairtalk Solvent in order to be refurbished and reused.
  • Currently available in 28 hair colors. After the hairtalk color ring for real hair extensions and additionally in 5 attachment colors for hairtalk extensions plus. You can flexibly mix any desired color combination from these basic colors.
  • Unique - hairtalk extensions plus. The perfect solution for the hairline at the top of the head or temples. hairtalk extensions plus are characterised by an incomparable naturalness, which is achieved by the finest manual work: Each hair is pricked individually into the adhesive tape to achieve a natural direction of growth.
  • Ordered today, on request tomorrow. Applies to all colors from stock in 25 cm, 40 cm and 55 cm length, as well as to accessories and care products.
  • Special designs possible. You can order any hair length between 30 cm and 65 cm with a delivery time of 6–8 weeks. The delivery time for custom-made products is approx. 2 weeks.
  • hairtalk fun - Mixture of real hair and heat-resistant synthetic fibre, for high-quality colored highlights.
  • hairtalk cuttings - Beside the hair they are the heart of the hairtalk extensions. Our cuttings (adhesive strips) have been medically tested and tested for their dermatological compatibility. So far, no competitor has succeeded in achieving the quality and adhesive effect of our cuttings.

hairtalk philosophy

To ensure the best quality and optimal styling results, hairtalk extensions are only available in certified partner hair salons. And also the hairtalk care products can only be purchased in hairdressers and in our Onlineshop [LINK to ONLINESHOP].

This guarantees our customers that they not only receive a genuine, high-quality product, but also that the insertion or removal of the extensions and the styling take place highly professionally and professionally.

Certification training for hairtalk specialist dealers

Only the best of the best are appointed as hairtalk partner salons. With our certification training we ensure that our partner salons learn and internalise the optimal handling of the hairtalk system and can advise customers in the best possible way regarding color selection, cut and styling possibilities.