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hairtalk Tape Extensions System

Implimented so fast and easy.
Especially gentle on the hair.
Uncomparibly comfortable.

hairtalk Tape Extensions System

Implimented so fast and easy.
Especially gentle on the hair.
Uncomparibly comfortable.

The original under the tape extension systems - hairtalk

How the hairtalk Tape Extensions System works

Hair extension has never been so fast, easy and gentle before: the hairtalkTape Extensions System makes long, voluminous and thick hair a dream come true for every woman. No matter if 25 cm, 40 cm oder 55 cm in length, hairtalk extensions will be implemented in under an hour. Almost magically, the extensions will mix with the natural hair to an incredibly natural and thick look.

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How are hairtalk extensions made?

hairtalk extensions are made of  100%-Remi hair. This assures uncomparable comfort, natural looks and the magical blending of the own hair and the hairtalk extensions.

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Insert hair extensions - easy, fast and gentle

For a particularly inconspicuous transition, your own hair is sandwiched between the adhesive strips of the hair bands. The connection holds perfectly and remains flexible - for an ideal, light and comfortable wearing comfort. A big advantage: the soft connection minimises the risk of hair breakage and prevents unpleasant pressure points when lying down.

Beautiful, full hair in less than an hour

With the hairtalk tape extension system a gentle and authentic hair extension and hair thickening is no problem. The insertion of strands for a complete extension doesn’t even take one hour. After that, nothing stands in the way of creative and individual hairstyles.

Step by Step - How to incorporate hairtalk extensions

Step 1

The first extension tape is applied underneath the streak.

Step 2

The streak is pressed against the tape underneath.

Step 3

The second tape is sticked on top of the first one and the hair. The wearer's original hair lies between the tapes.

Step 4

The extensions are incorporated row after row.

Pioneer of tape extensions

hairtalk Germany is the pioneer of tape extensions made of 100% Remi-hair. With our hairtalk Tape Extensions System the implementation and the removing of the extensions is especially gentle and happens easy and fast. Our many hairtalk partner salons will help you to find the right colors and products for your hair and give you phenomenal new looks with the hairtalk Tape Extensions System!