Salt Lake City, UT – 31.10.2019

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Salt Lake City, UT – October 31, 2019

Beauty Industry Group (BIG) announced today that they have purchased hairtalk GmbH, a leading hair extensions, wigs, and toupees beauty brand based out of Erlangen, Germany.

hairtalk is one of the world’s most respected hair extension brands, known for its high-quality products and cutting-edge product development. hairtalk was the innovator behind the industry expanding Tape Extension method. In addition to developing one of Europe’s most well know hair extension beauty brands, hairtalk has licensed its brand throughout the world, including in North America. The North American hairtalk brand has been operated by International Designs Corporation (IDC), a subsidiary of BIG, since 2001.

Consistent with BIG’s strategy, hairtalk headquarters will remain in Erlangen, Germany with Günter Alex and Oliver Schneck continuing in their respective leadership roles.

“We have worked with hairtalk GmbH for over 20 years and are thrilled to combine the hairtalk brand across Europe and North America. Combining hairtalk’s reach within the BIG family of brands will allow us to continue to increase our impact as the market expands,” said Richard Schoonover, IDC President and BIG Chief Strategy Officer.

Günter Alex added, “I find great satisfaction knowing the brand we have built will now be unified under BIG’s platform. In addition to combining the hairtalk brand across geographies, this will allow us to deepen the relationship with our exclusive manufacturer, which is the largest hair and wig factory in the world. Our ability to provide high-quality products and service to our distributors and salons will be solidified, and we will be better positioned to seize new opportunities in the market”

“hairtalk’s prestige and leading market position in Europe, along with the high-caliber team, make it an outstanding asset in the BIG family as we expand into Europe. This is a momentous day for BIG and expands our position as the world’s largest hair extension company.” said BIG CEO Derrick Porter.

About hairtalk GmbH (

Formerly known as Arcos, International and founded in 1985 by Günter Alex and Konrad Schneck, hairtalk is known for its innovation and uncompromising product quality. hairtalk has consistently led the market in hair technology, color processing and expanding hair extensions position in Europe’s beauty industry. Today, hairtalk serves over 10.000 salons in 38 countries in Europe and the Middle East and in over 50 countries worldwide.

About Beauty Industry Group (

BIG, established in 2004 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT continues as an industry leader for professionally installed hair extensions and related beauty products. BIG’s professional products are sold in more than 1,300 stores throughout North America and their collective brands service more than 30,000 salons across 165 countries.